We understand how the new rules are affecting the world with the Covid-19 restrictions in place. It’s not that easy getting back to work or getting your business up and running again, this is why we strive to get back to normal. We are offering this Covid-19 anti – virus atomizing service. We are fully equipped with PPE covers. We will beat this virus together; We are willing to go to the infected zone to wipe out this horrible virus before it spreads any further.

Our super antiviral disinfectants powerful formula kills a range of pathogenic viruses in under 5 minutes the ready to use formula is safe at suitable for use on most non-porous surfaces and when used as directed, leaves treated surfaces safe for human contact

Effective against*

· Coronavirus


· Hepatitis C

· Hepatitis B

· Chicken pox

· Herpes

· Rubella

· Measles

According to BS EN 14476

For more information on our atomizing service please contact us to find out more.

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